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Common research finance forms
File RealAudio document Research Project Holder's Accountabilities Form
A Research Finance form which gives principal investigators primary signing authority for their research accounts. This form is also used to delegate other individuals authority to perform transactions on the principal investigator's behalf.
File RealAudio document Scientific Stores Purchasing Delegate Authorization Form
A Research Finance form which allows principal investigators to authorize students for Scientific Store purchase.
File In-Kind Contribution Certification
This form is to be used to record the in-kind contribution received from a external research partner. For more information regarding this form, please contact your Senior Research Accountant.
File McMaster Research Finance Request for Payment Compliance Checklist - Revised
This form provides a checklist of the compliance guidelines required when submitting requests for payment via Travel & Expense Reports and/or Vouchers. Using this checklist would ensure that payment requests are efficiently and effectively approved. Note: Revised checklist due to meals per diem eligible in provincial funded projects
Missing Receipt Form
This form is to be used if you are unable to provide the original receipts for reimbursement of expenses (with the exception of per diems and gratuitous accommodation. If you require assistance in filling out this form, please contact your Senior Research Accountant.
File RealAudio document U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Funding Conflict of Interest Form
Requirements and disclosure form concerning financial conflict of interest for McMaster University Personnel submitting, holding or taking part in a U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Grant or Contract.